Residential Life

Women with mental health issues, including substance use disorders, have little access to care. Their parents or husbands often cannot cope with their illness and simply take the children and leave the women to cope on their own. This results in material poverty and deeper psychological issues. Hope House, Inc., through its Ready to Work program provides medical, psychological, and material care for these women.

Ready for Work is the main program at Hope House, Inc. in Augusta, Georgia. It is designed to assist women struggling with the twin burdens of mental health issues and homelessness. Most, though not all, of our residents are also dealing with addictive disorders. Some are also dealing with issues related to past physical or sexual abuse. Many have depression or another diagnosed mental illness. The point of the program is to address the medical issues with which the women present, overcome the psychological problems they are having, reunite families when possible, and equip the women for independence following treatment.

We provide a structured and sober environment including housing for women. Our campus comprises 42 independent apartments, a common kitchen and dining hall, a childcare center and a classroom / administration building. We provide a program for recovery from substance abuse disorders that includes group and individual sessions with licensed addiction counselors and psychiatrists. Medications are managed by an on-staff LPN. We provide parenting classes and give our residents access to jobs training as well as GED and higher education as needed. We give women, who have lost custody of their children and are ready to seek custody again, assistance in the courts or through local social services. We provide transportation to schools, jobs, medical appointments, etc.

Women may enter our program without surrendering their children. We welcome women to bring their children with them and we provide care and counseling for them in our Therapeutic Childcare Center. This removes a huge barrier for women seeking treatment for mental health issues and no other facility in the CSRA currently provides such services while allowing the children to join the women in care.

Click here to download a list of items allowed in treatment.

Items may be dropped off for participants between 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, except holidays. 

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