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Below are success stories and testimonies from women who have participated and completed one of Hope House’s treatment programs.

My name is Christy Pennington, and I am a person living in long-term recovery.  What that means to me is that I haven’t had a drink or illicit drug since November 28, 2013. I desperately wanted to stop using drugs, but I couldn’t stop despite my best efforts.  I knew I needed professional help.

I was 32 years old, unemployed, with no driver’s license due to two DUI convictions, living with my parents, stealing their things, trading my dignity and self-respect to satisfy my longing for the release drugs and alcohol gave me.  I was hopeless, scared, angry, depressed, and an all-around broken woman. I’d researched treatment options and it wasn’t something my family or I could afford.  Some peers at a twelve step recovery program informed me that even though I didn’t have money, there was help available to me. On November 27, 2013, I walked into a local emergency room because I was contemplating suicide. The hospital admitted me and from there I went to a behavioral health ward.  The ward submitted my application for treatment to Hope House. Hope House accepted my application, and I became a resident on December 12, 2013.

Through treatment at Hope House and having a strong recovery network, I have learned to change my actions and behaviors, which has in turned changed my thinking.  My emotions no longer overpower me, and I react in a healthy manner to life. I have a peace of mind I never knew existed before recovery. I am no longer a prisoner to my negative thoughts.

I am happy, and though I have always been worthy of love, today I know I am. I have integrity today, and I know if I continue to do the next right thing, I will keep my serenity. I have an amazing job where I’m in senior management, and I pay my rent and all of my bills on time each month. I have learned how to take care of myself and be a productive member of society.

Hope House showed me a new way to live; one where people actually care and doing the right thing is normal. I have a new appreciation for everything in my life thanks to my recovery.  My life today is one I had only dreamed of. Today I am a loving daughter, caring friend, responsible employee, and tax paying citizen because Hope House was there to help and guide me at a time when I thought I couldn’t afford help.  I thought I had nowhere to turn.  Turns out; I did.


On September 25, 2013, I entered Hope House. It was the scariest yet, the best decision I made that changed my life forever. My name is Chaya Gruber and at the time, I was a 33 year old single mother of a 13 year old daughter. I have been battling substance use disorder for 20 years. I finally saw for myself that I had a much larger problem and I needed professional HELP.

I thought I was a lost soul and this was my destiny after years of mental health issues and abuse from a loved one. In 2012, I became a convicted felon, and I lost myself, job, house, car, friends, and family. I came very close to losing my daughter, but fortunately, my parents took care of her during my unstable living status. I reached a point and asked for help from a stranger who today I refer to as my guardian angel. I said, “I’m in need someone to talk to or maybe just listen, please.”

I entered into Hope House and I was willing, ready, and open-minded and handed my life over to complete strangers. Treatment and recovery isn’t easy by any means and I wanted to give up many times including the very first week I came in, but the thought of death “which is where my next run would lead me” scared me even more. I WANTED TO LIVE!

I graduated from Hope House’s treatment program May 17, 2014 and I moved out in August of 2014 in to my own 1-bedroom house and started my new life living alone for the first time ever. I now have a full time job at a place I absolutely love; I have been working at my job for going on 2 years in June 2016, which is the longest I’ve ever held a job in my life. I am able to pay my own bills, I have my own car, and I am reliable today.

I have more support from more people than I could ever imagined because of my honesty and acceptance of my mistakes. I have an amazing relationship with my daughter, family, and friends. I have my daughter living back at home with me and most importantly a sense of self-worth. I love the mother, daughter, sister, friend and woman I am today. I am now in a very healthy relationship with a man who loves me and my daughter, and we are now expecting another daughter in March of 2016. I have goals set for myself and I’m completing those goals one day at a time. My life is built off of humbling myself, honesty with myself and others, faith in a power greater than myself, and accountability for my actions at all times. I am not perfect and still make mistakes today, but I can live with them and myself; I know that I don’t have to drink or drug over my mistakes and they are most of the time reparable.

Everything that Hope House taught me I use every day in my life now. I think to myself everyday how exciting it truly is to be in recovery and live life to its fullest. How blessed I am to be here one more day. My life is amazing now even with its challenge, but it’s the choices I make and how I now handle situations that come about to keep moving forward and not backwards. I am not ashamed of who or what I am I accept who I am. I am a woman living in recovery today and proud to be. Today people look up to me and ask me how can they get what I have? I tell the “You must be willing, able to listen, and open-minded.”

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